Sunday, July 26, 2009

My little farm...

It never varies: every year I plant morning glory seeds and every year something else comes up instead.

The raspberries came up under the fence from my neighbor's yard. The first year there were lots of berries, but none have appeared since then, just the gigantic plants. Two other anonymous plants have sprouted as well. I have some tomatoes tucked in there in an Organic Tomato Success Kit from Gardeners Supply in Burlington, Vermont. So far the tomato plants are going strong. The tomatoes have set. The species that I am growing include Red Zebras, Paul Robeson, Matt's Wild, Brandywine, and Supersonic. Now I just have to hope that they don't pick up the blight from any of my neighbors' plants.

My clematis plants never bloomed last year and they have hardly grown at all this year. The lilac bush I planted survived the winter but had no blooms. Sigh. I am hoping that next year things will pick up. I can't remember a summer as rainy, cool, and sunless as this one.

The squirrels ate most of the bulbs I planted last year, but I did get a few hyacinths, narcissus, and tulips. I'd like to add grape hyacinth, snow bells, and checkered lilies at some point. Also some irises. I know that there's a Cummins tulip, which I think is purple, so someday I am going to order some of those.

I have no idea how to get wisteria and honeysuckle to grow, but they are on my list as well. I love the scent of the heliotrope that I have in a window box, which is particularly powerful at twilight. I am almost afraid of introducing too many other scents, but it seems a risk worth taking. (Would that that were our biggest problem: that there are too many fantastic, competing scents in the garden.)

For now, though, I am just concentrating on my tomatoes and herbs. And wishing that the morning glories would germinate one of these years. Why are they so hard to get started?

If you want to see the crazy-looking Organic Tomato Success Kit, check out:,default,pd.html

I can't help but wonder if it's really a good idea to use the red plastic cover... doesn't it outgas or degrade and get into the soil as it bakes in the sun? For now, though, I am giving it a try. I will do almost anything for a really good tomato.

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